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About The Artist


Raquelle Turner  (b.1989) is a self taught artist who works with various mediums, including acrylic, graphite and pastels. Raquelle has shown in multiple Galleries around the San Francisco Bay Area including The Mama De Luna Gallery in Crockett,Ca, The 310 Gallery in Oakland, Ca and The 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, Ca. With a creative process that requires laxity, Raquelle is opposed to categorizing her work and style. Although, a noticeable pattern in her work is the socio-political ambience of her hometown of Oakland, Ca that often involuntarily bleeds into her art.

"I don’t wish to ever label my art. The most important part of creating, for me,  is to not interfere with the flow of the creative process by pigeonholing. 'Laissez faire' let it go, whatever happens on the canvas... happens.”  - Raquelle 

Pulling Inspiration from everywhere Imaginable, Her works directly responds to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. Raquelle's works are a drawn reflection upon the art of art itself: thoroughly referential, yet no less aesthetically pleasing, and therefore deeply inscribed in the history of modernism. Raquelle currently works and lives in Berkeley, Ca.

Curriculum Vitae



Raw: Natural Born Artist - Ruby Skye - San Francisco, Ca


Pancakes and booze - 111 Minna Gallery - San Francisco, Ca 

Chocolate and Art - SOMA Arts Cultural Center - San Francisco, Ca

Group Show - 969 The Village - San Francisco, Ca

"Art Is My weapon" - 310 Gallery - Oakland, Ca 

Oakland Art Murmur - Oakland, Ca


Pancakes and booze - The Mezzanine - San Francisco,  

Chocolate and Art - SOMA Arts Center - San Francisco, Ca 

"Paint My World" - The Flight Deck - Oakland, Ca

"Harmony: The Art of Music"  - Mama De Luna  Art Gallery - Crockett, Ca

"Anything Goes" - Raquel Amaral Gallery - Concord, Ca 

"Sin" - Mama De Luna Art Gallery - Crockett, Ca 

"Culture" - Raquel Amaral  Art Gallery - Concord, Ca 

"Gods & Goddesses" - Raquel Amaral Art Gallery - Concord, cA.

"Skate & Create" - Mama De Luna Art Gallery - Crockett, Ca 

"Viva Frida" - Mama De Luna Art Gallery - Crockett, Ca 

"Tim Burton Tribute" - Mama De Luna Art Gallery, Crockett, Ca 

"Charmed"  - Mama De Luna Art Gallery, Crockett, Ca

"Culture" -Raquel Amaral Gallery - Concord,ca

 "Paint My World 2" - The Flight Deck - Oakland, Ca  


"I am passionate about" - Raquel Amaral Gallery - Concord, Ca

 "Pancakes & Booze Oakland" - Oakland Metro Operahouse - Oakland,Ca.

"Paint My World 3" - Berkeley Black Repertory Theatre - Berkeley, Ca